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Please look at my pics

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Hartley hare! Blast from the past there! I can even remember the theme tune and I'll not get it out of my head now!


My favourite rabbit was called Harvey and LSH just turned up with him as a present for me one day. He was the prettiest rabbit I'd ever seen. I loved him to bits but he had a stroke in the run one night and I found him dead in the morning and it broke my heart. One of those unfortunate things. The last rabbit we had started off life as Natalie until we found out that she was a he so was renamed Roger (went well with his behaviour with the guinea pig but let's not go there, eh!). He was a star and used to lollop round the garden like a wild bunny. He jumped straight into the pond once which was so funny because he jumped out with a look that said "I meant to do that!". Bless him!

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