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The Ward Family Chickens

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We have just moved our 'girls' into their new area in the garden. They were very surprised when we let them out and they found themselves not only at the other end of the garden, but with wood chip mulchy stuff underfoot!


We got the chickens on Wednesday, and we are intending to let them out into the garden to roam on Tuesday. Any advice? Are we likely to end up chasing chickens around the garden to get them back in the Eglu, or will they probably go back in themselves?


We have had two delicious eggs so far. Yipee! :D




(green eglu)GNR (Dorothy) GNR (Peggy) GNR (Coco)

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As long as they know where their eglu is they will soon find their way back to it at dusk - but if that doesnt work, or if you want them in "bed" sooner than that then some sweetcorn, peas, corn, raisens, grapes, cherry tomatoes, marmite toast, apple, banana, melon, sunflower seeds (do you get the idea that they LOVE their food :wink: ) will do the trick :D

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Hi Loobyloo,


We have had our Chickens since last Tuesday, and we let them out for the first time yesterday, our chickens have been great they wander round the garden then if they want a drink or their feed they pop back to the eglu, not had any trouble getting them in....... yet.



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