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Rare breed poultry centre

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I visited here over the Easter break...


The Wernlas Collection

Onibury, Near Ludlow



Te: 01584856318


It was brilliant - fields full of hen houses and runs, with a different breed in each. Fell in love with the silkies & pekins. Nearly came home with a blue laced Wyandotte & a Sussex. Hubby fell in love with some Silver Seabrights!

They sell fertilised eggs, chicks and 20+ week old chickens & I think they will deliver too. I will get more chickens this year. Saving up for an eglu cube ( purple I think ). If I just have the cube & standard run, how many maximum chickens or bantams could I have?????? Would my 3 existing girls be ok with new chickens. I'd have to keep my mk2 until sure that they all got on I think.

Sister is getting chickens soon too - but she lives on a farm & can have loads! :mrgreen:

She's got 3 duck eggs (duck) in the incubator at the moment, so she might need an eglu mk2 for them to grow up in soon! Aha! I could sell her mine!!! :think::idea:

I keep telling hubby that I am broody at the moment :shock:

For more chickens that is!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :lol:



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If I just have the cube & standard run, how many maximum chickens or bantams could I have?????? Would my 3 existing girls be ok with new chickens


Hello Emma,


The new cube can house up to 6 chickens if you are using the standard run. I would imagine it would hold more bantams as they are smaller than the average chook, although I'm not sure how they will get on using the ladder being so short...? A call to Omlet would clear that up for you.


There is some info here


As far as introducing old chickens to new, it would be a good idea to keep your eglu until they become firm friends. Start by letting them see each other through the run mesh for a few days, then let them free range together for a further few days, and you could then let them decide where they sleep (eglu or cube) at first before putting them all in the cube. I would expect a bit of pecking to go on as they re-establish the pecking order, but as long as you take it nice and slow you shouldn't have a problem. You could always keep some bumper bits in just incae it gets too much. There's a thread about introducing hens here



Your sister is very lucky to have room for lots of chickens and it's a good idea to keep the Eglu in the family. You never know, your brood might keep growing and growing!


The place in Onibury sounds very similar to a place in Belton near Grantham called The One Stop Chicken Shop. Great to go and browse through the different breeds. I'll add it to the Local Breeder Sticky for you.

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