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Making a chicken area in garden

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We are getting some chickens in a month and need to get our garden ready. We want a seperate area so they don't destroy our veg patch. I've been looking at the netting from omlet but wondered how other people have done it - perhaps a bit cheaper!





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I have quite a big pen - and 'designed' it as I did it.


9" log roll around the perimeter. Small hole strong chicken wire, 5ft 6" high.


Tall posts so that it is about 6-7ft high so easy to stand up in and over eglu and run around. Covered the top with bird netting stretched across - so no need for cross members. And made a tall door out of four pieces of wood and nailed the small holed chicken wire too it.


The run on the eglu keeps the chickens food etc dry - but I do have logs and plants and two covered dust bath areas for them.


There are some lovely ones made by members - there is a sticky about them or you can see them on the photo galleries.


Someone cleverer than me will give you the link direct I am sure.

Actually edited this to say that it is on this page under Sticky: Chicken run inspiration.

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Omlet netting isn't high enough if your chooks are escape artists like ours - they stand on the eglu run and leap over. If you look online you can get netting very cheaply and most diy outlets do long plastic coated metal poles which are good to support the netting. It depends if you want a chicken escape proof run and shut them in at night or as fox proof run!

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