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Our chickens are coming on Tuesday and..

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You'll see it on here again and again - top tip, get aubiose or hemcore (similar things, originally intended for horse bedding) and lay it in the run - it's fab and will make cleaning up much easier.

My other top tip is garlic powder. Non-chickeny friends think I'm joking about this, but it really does stop the poo from smelling!

Bet you can't wait - I am new to all this myself (9th Feb was the day I first held a chicken!) but they are fantastic fun and will bring your garden alive.

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we have a pink eglu :D


and my kids had no say in it!


my top tip is to enjoy them! we all feel a bit anxiuos at first...worrying about every little thing so if you're not sure, ASK. We've all been there and you can get answers on this forum seven days a week.

No-one here will ever think you're question is silly.


Tara xxx

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Hi I got my eglu and birds recently too- I've used some horsey stuff from the local country store, comes in bigger quantities and is excellent value for money :D

Bedmax horse bedding in the run, the litter tray and the nest (it's fab).

Naf All Purpose Supplement ( my breeder recommeded this- mix 1 quarter measure in pellets, £5 for large tub will last you ages).

You can get garlic powder there too, I use freeze-dried whole garlic that my ponies have.

If you can add to your eglu order, get a spare set of roosting bars and a big shade.

A long-handled washing-up brush for cleaning the eglu

An OH with an understanding nature and big pockets also a plus :wink:

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Spare roosting bars and a long handled washing up sponge are a must. I have also found a cat litter scoop helpful when cleaning the littter tray as we haven't auboise or hemcore in the litter tray yet, but hope to buy some tomorrow.


Our girls arrived last Thursday and we think they are great and can't stop talking about them to everybody. My husband has taken photos into his office and has already got orders for eggs when they arrive.

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Awww, our little girls come on Wed, and I too am sooo very excited :D


And, may I add, this place has been SUCH a goldmine of chicky tips and treats, still a wee bit nervous as I've never kept chickens before, but you guys make it sound so easy and such a joy!

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Having had our chickens for a whole 8 days I am now a complete convert.


The "chicken man" who delivers is great. Loads of good advice which I followed to the letter only letting my girls out for 2 hours before dusk on their 5th day. I also gave them a cuddle each night by taking them out of the eggport at dusk. I did get scratched a bit but now I don't need to do that as they love being picked up now that they are let out after lunchtime. I am much better at handling them now and and have grown in confidence in just one week.....


Now they let me pick them up at will, come running over like little dogs every time I go out into the garden. The are great.


I found the spare roosting bars I ordered from Omlet and the winter shade were good buys. First few days were very messy (poop wise that is) and I did a lot of roosting bar cleaning for the 1st three days but all has settled down now.


Enjoy them when they arrive. Good luck.

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Chickens are great fun - I'm sure you will all enjoy them when they arrive!

Minky - I checked your blog, looking good! Be patient with the slug eating though. Mine weren't too keen at first, but now they've started laying they wolf them down. I go round the garden upturning stones and moving pots - they follow me round and pounce when I lift/move anything! I've noticed a lot less slugs about these days! 8)

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Sooo happy with our chickens, particularly as I am getting more confident with picking them up. We've had them 6 days now so they came out for the first proper run around last night. However, Clucker (Miss P) has done some very runny poos today and keeps suddenly sitting down - she's gets up if you go over to her but I just wondered if this is normal? Also Ginger seems to be 'grooming' Clucker - is this right? Thanks!"

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