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Biker Chick

Brenda the egg vandal

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I'm at a total loss as to why Brenda, our little maran, has started to eat eggs. We collect the eggs every day as soon as they lay them but we have noticed the other girls seem to have slowed down on the production. The other morning I noticed a broken egg in the nesting box and a very guilty looking Brenda with yolk on her beak :oops:

Today they have been free ranging for about an hour, except for Brenda, she was in the nesting box, presumably laying!! The girls took it in turns to sit along side her and lay their eggs and now there is one heck of a din coming from the nesting box and yes, Brenda has smashed and eaten another egg!


Why would she be doing this now, we've had her for over a year and they have plenty of oyster shell and grit. Its worrying the other girls and we are losing out on the eggs :evil:

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One of my girls started doing this within the last week :roll: It's really annoying isn't it!


If you look through the 'Eggs' forum, there is lots of advice there, but I cracked :roll::lol: the problem by blowing out a couple of eggs and filling them with mustard. Put them back in the nest box. Brenda will not be able to resist the temptation and will tuck in only to find yukky mustard instead of tasty eggs!

I did 3 mustard eggs and the 3rd one was not even touched (have saved it just in case she starts again!). Try making a couple and see how you go - you can always make a few more.


Hope this helps you.

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