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Tree question

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We are buying a second hand eglu and run from a fellow omleter :D My hubby has decided to build a bigger area round it :D


The area we want to build the run has a medium sized tree in it which is next to a 6ft fence..we were thinking instead of trying to dig up the tree that we could just trim it back with just a bit of leaves hanging over for shade.


If we did this it would mean there would be a big branch about 3ft from the ground and then another 3ft to the top of the fence...do you think the hens would jump on to the branch then on to the fence and escape.


The tree isn't planted right up to the fence the hens would have to jump up and across if you get my drift ?


I bet none of that makes sense :roll::P I will have to take a picture i think.



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Don't worry Sarah - you make perfect sense :wink:


Personally I think you'll be okay but that's only because my girls aren't that cheeky - you may find that others have girls who would jump at the chance :roll:


Ultimately I think it's hard to say because they all have their own characters and mischiefs.

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My youngest, Dottie, can jump and flap to 5ft, I've had to get her out of the pear tree 2 or 3 times over the last 4 weeks, she only does it late afternoon/early evening (maybe she's part bantam??!)!!!! She's a small bird for a maran cross, I don't think the heavy birds are as agile thank goodness :roll::shock::?

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