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Hello....and help!!!

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Hello everyone,

I'm new here and have just become 'Mum' to 11 orphan call ducklings (around 7-10 days old). ...and although the RSPCA said I was doing fine, I'm panicking!

I've spoken with a really kind man at the Call Duck Association, and I now have them under a lamp, being fed chicken crumb with the odd bit of egg yolk, and they are doing brilliantly. I'm going to get them their own eglu cube, but need advice about a run? I have lots of space, but live on a river in the counrty so lots of predators, too! I would like to build a big run for them, or perhaps fence a bit of garden off? Does anyone have any thoughts or advice? How much exercise should I give them? Apparently they should go in their eglu when they get feathers - does anyone know when this will be? So sorry for posting a million questions, but all advice gratefully received! I have ordered some books, but am flying a bit blind until they arrive! Thanks so much for your time.

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ahhhh now it makes sense :lol:


There are pictures of large runs in the gallery a few people have managed them - not me :oops:


Are you planning to have the river for access as well as that many ducks will make alot of mess with a water bath in a run :lol:


Lesley is your person to ask as she has a couple of Cambells :wink:

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Hello Louise,

Yes - the river will be the best palce for the ducklings to have a swim when they get big enough - having read through everyone's experiences on the forum I don't fancy mucking out the bath after 11 of them have been in it!!

I've been warned that they may all take off down the river and may never come back :cry: but I can't clip their wings becaue I'd be too worried that it would make them vulnerable to predators. I have no way to cordon off a bit of the river - do you have any experience of this kind of thing? I know they will imprint on me, but I don't know if they will stay with me when they get older? Maybe I have to just resign myself to raising them and waving them off?? :cry:

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They were living in the wild on the river - but we're such a soft touch that all the wild ducks know if they come and quack outside the kitchen window they get fed! :lol:

Because of this, they tend to float around quite close to the house, and we watch the ducklings grow up and then return with the new batch. That's what happened with these - their mum brought them upto the house to be fed, and have a forage around in the garden, but there were 4 drakes that were pestering her the whole time (that time of year, I'm afraid :cry: ) and then she just disappeared, and the ducklings kept 'doing the circuit' they had with their mum, but no sign of her. We (and the RSPCA inspector) think that she must have drowned or been killed by the drakes, and although I don't normally interfere, I couldn't watch the ducklings die, so here we are!!

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