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Mrs T

Chicks in the Eglu?

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Hi Everyone,


I am very happy :D my new Eglu has arrived and the chicks have been loving the extra space in their new run. I am still bringing them into the house at night time, in their tub which they have been in since they hatched, but they are getting a bit to big, and I would love them to sleep in the Eglu!. I was wondering if anybody had an idea how old the chicks can be before they can sleep in the Eglu, and not get cold. They are 5 weeks old now.


Kind Regards



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Bubbles and Buttercup my Bantams were 7 weeks old when I got them and they went straight into the Eglu. They were so tiny but managed the step up at the Eglu door and were fine on the roosting bars.


They had been off heat for a week and were living in a wooden ark in the middle of a very cold and windy field in North Aberdeenshire.


If you are concerned about the cold you could always put some straw in the Eglu to make it more cosy, or drape a piece of carpet over the Eglu at night.

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My chicks are supposed to be bantams but 3 of them seem quite big, one is a bit smaller and I have 2 tiny black ones, not really sure of there breeds, as the egg's came from a farm. They have been off the heat lamp for a couple of weeks as they have been living in the kitchen. They have been going out in the guinea pig run in the daytime for a couple of weeks (suuny day's), They did pop their heads into the Eglu today to have a noisy, but I am unsure how to encourage them to go in at night time and whether it is warm enough yet for them :?

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