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Animal Crematorium recommended

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Not sure if this has been posted about before, but we lost our beautiful cat Alfie on Monday to a car accident. We were told about this place called Dignity that cremate pets - we used them yesterday. They are based in the South East.


I cannot recommend them enough. We had Alfie cremated while we waited, and chose an urn that looks more like an ornament - a carved wooden sleeping cat. Underneath is a name plate which you can have engraved with whatever you want.


Its a family run business that opened after the owners watched a tv documentary about cremations that are arranged by vets.....


Worth planning ahead if you've never thought about how you will deal with the sad loss of your much loved pet. If I'd known this place existed I would have used them 4 yrs ago when I had to have my beloved cat Cuddles put to sleep.

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Thanks for this I think it's a beautiful idea. When our previous cats Holly & Orchid died, we buried them. We are now going to be moving sometime next year & they will be left behind. I think what you have done is much better & I would have loved to have been able to take my Holly & Orchid with me.

Sorry about your sad loss.


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