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dam brother!!!!

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we went away for one night to my mother in laws! we left they girls hut open slightly to allow them to roost and get out in the morning! we left penty of food and water.


well my brother calls he's going clubbing and wondered if he could crash!


ok so a friend who had a spear kiy lent it too him! in return i asked him to shut the girls away and letr them out in the morning.....................easy!!


well he put them to bed! but forget to let them out! :twisted::twisted::twisted: he could have killed them all.

we get back at 7/8pm!! so they were in their hut all day in that horrid heat with no food or water i was to say the least less impressed! i was spitting daggers.



anyway i let they out and gave them grain and pettets and thet swollowed the lot and guzzled the water!!!!!!


brothers who needs them! :twisted::twisted:

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