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Liverpool area Eglu owners?

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I've been contacted by a lady in the area who is worried about how to handle her hens when she collects them as she's outside our delivery area and isn't very confident that the breeder she buys her hens from will show her how it's done proprely. Is there anyone in the Liverpool area who would be happy to chat via e-mail or phone or maybe have round for a visit so that she can learn how to handle her hens when they arrive or alternatively, can anyone recommend a really good breeder who will take the time to show her how to look after her hens please?


E-mail me at barbara@omlet.co.uk if you can help please.


Many thanks :D .

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I live on the wirral if that's any good. I'd be happy for her to come and have a look at our set up but will be embarrassed if she wants to see the best way to handle them.....I end up chasing them waving my arms around which I don't think is the text book way of catching a chicken!!


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