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Rachel O

Hello and Advice

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Hi Everyone


I got my rabbits (Lucky and Schmoosy) last year together with my Rablu!! However I really need some advice. The doe rabbit that I have (Schmoosy) is pretty agressive and although she will let me feed her by hand each time I go to stroke her she puts her ears right back, jumps and grunts at me :( , and she has been known to attack my trousers when in the other run like a dog. I understand that some rabbits do not like to be picked up however I would really like more contact with her, does anyone have any advice?





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The only thing that I can think of is that unspayed does suffer from PMT (yes, really!!!! :lol: ). they can get really stroppy and is one of the main reasons for the recommendation that does are spayed. Well, that as well as the high ocurrence of uterine cancer. If this is the case, she will calm down a couple of weeks after being spayed


Both my girls were spayed at 6 months. Just prior to that, they started showing signs of puberty; their litter training went to pot, they were stroppy and wrecking their hutch (just like teenagers really :roll: )

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