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Oh that is a big one, my sunflowers reached the 8 foot mark as well but they have died and been taken down sorry no pics........I am drying the heads and seeds for the chooks to eat but they only like the hearts and if they think I am going to stand there for 3 hours shelling them...... well oh go on then........... :lol:

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What a gorgeous sunflower Lesley :)

I love them too, and grow them every year, they're so bright and cheerful somehow. Mine grew quite well I thought, but nowhere nearly as tall as yours, my best effort was probably about 6ins taller than hubby (and he's 6'3" ish), so not all that impressive really.

Now they're dying off I'm going to leave them to dry out for the chickens, but I don't fancy the idea of shelling all thise hearts :shock: . Pity we no longer have hamsters, they were always happy to do their own shelling :)

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