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Ideas please?!!!?!

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ok, now this might sound like one for the ducks forum... and I might put it over there too but it's my hen I'm worried about....


We got a drake and a duck Indian Runner last summer and they are FAB. BUT..... the drake spends a good deal of the day chasing and trying to mount :shock: poor Sue! (they're al free range)


He does catch her at least twice a day and the back of her neck is starting to look a bit worse for wear. she is scared of him nad runs to the nearest human when there is one. She's even started running to the dogs!!!! the drake isn't very tame and so won't come near either.


I'm just not sure what to do for the best!


i've just ordered a poultry saddle in the hope that he won't have anything to cling onto but who knows if that will work! :cry:


Now then.... this might sound silly .... and I think it probably is.....


the other morning Sue pooped out what looked like a red poo. I thought she'd found some berries or somethin but then once it had dried a little, the OH pulled it apart a bit (double EW!) and said it was quite meaty!

He and his friend think it's a chicken&duck hbrid, gone wrong so been expelled egg mutaion..... is that even possible?!!?!!? surely not?!!

I have a feeling I'm goign to be mortally embarassed when I'm told htat's just ridiculous... :oops:

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Ok, this is what i am slightly worried about as well. We are getting 2 drakes in a month or so (because females are suposed to be so noisy) but i am worried they might pester the 3 chickens (hence why we are getting call ducks - cos i figure they - the ducks are so small - they won't be able to 'attack' the girls physically very well :? I hope...) Our girls scare off the 2 cats and dog so i'm hoping they will be able to hold their own...


I guess if all else fails and it becomes a problem then i will just have to get a couple of girls as well to keep the boys company - 4 ducks! (just don't tell OH!!!)


That would please my sister who thinks we should have 4 so she can teach my niece to count by saying 'Aunty Helen has 1 dog, 2 cats, 3 chickens, 4 ducks...' :D

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