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What's Going On??

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Yesterday we had our first egg - BUT it was on the roosting bars and broken. The yolk was fully formed but there was something wrong with the shell as it wasn't properly formed.


Then Swiper kept making a real racket and going into the Eglu, kicking all the shavings out of the nesting box and staying in there for 15 minutes at a time. We kept checking for eggs, but nothing appeared and each time I tidied the nesting box up again, Swiper went back in and kept doing the same thing pretty much all morning.


This morning - NOTHING!!!!


They are all supposedly 19 weeks old today, albeit Dora looks older than the other two as her comb and wattles and bigger and turning red but Swiper's are definitely still pale pink and small.


Do they have a practice run at laying???? What's going on?????

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The first few eggs are a bit hit and miss....probably laid on the roosting bars because she didn't really know what to do. Also they don't always lay every day at first, until their system gets the hang of it.


Don't worry....they are still quite young at 19 weeks.

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They take a wee while for their egg-laying systems to get into the swing of things - a bit like us women at puberty! You can expect some erratic laying patterns, the odd softy and maybe even the odd double yolker for the first few weeks as your girls mature and their bodies suss everything out. You'll also probably find that the eggs grow in size.

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