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Hi, Our two fantastic chickens arrived on Friday (i've been bursting with eggscitement for 3 weeks), Myrtle (miss pepperpot) and Flossie (Ginger nut). Myself, husband and kids are completely addicted :D Am abit concerned that a: the neighbours now think i've completely flipped (due to spending a great deal of time in the garden in my dressing gown) and b: i'm not getting anything done :shock: why are chickens so fasinating! I spend hours just watching them.

Anyway the reason I wanted to post was to say a huge THANKYOU to everyone on the forum, I have been reading posts for 3 weeks (while waiting for my girls to be delivered) and i couldn't believe the wealth of help and information on here. I'm hoping I can drag myself away from the chooks long enough to chat now and again.


Thanks again



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Hi Debs,


Welcome from another new chicken owner.


Mine have been here for just over 2 weeks. My OH (other half) spends all his time loudly exclaiming to the children "Oh you can't find your mother?, she'll be in the garden watching the chickens AGAIN".


Regards, from one newly addicted chicken fan.

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