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Confused about eggs

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We had our second egg today, the first one Sunday and now another one today, but one thing confuses me, we thought the egg was from Doris our Gingernut Ranger, but our Miss P, Nelly was crouching at least a week before Doris, now my hubby thinks they are Doris's eggs because they are like the eggs you get in a supermarket, but they are not large eggs quite small infact and we are led to believe that Miss P lay dark speckled eggs is this true...... please someone put our minds at rest. We are not sure which chicken has laid the eggs as we have been out both times at work or shopping.


Confused Claire

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Claire - it will take a while to work it out, but you will eventually.


Our Gingernut Ranger lays the average looking brown eggs and are very smooth and quite perfectly formed. Our Pepperpot, on the other hand, is a bit hit and miss and she doesn't kay everyday. Her eggs always have a rough, bobbly feel to them, are never egg shaped and are darker in colour.


It took us a good few weeks to work out who's was who's. They all have their own routine and they generally sing from their own song sheet :roll::D

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the first few eggs are generally quite small.


we find it difficult to tell who's are whose between out pepperpot and gingernut ranger.

initially the ginger's eggs had white flecks on but now, nearly a year later, they look the same :roll:

sometimes you can get a clue by looking at their cheeks, darker cheeks=darker eggs sort of thing but it doesn't always work.


one day though, you will see one of them go into the eglu then she'll come out squawking leaving behind a still warm egg then you'll know for sure.

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My hens all lay roughly the same colour eggs - middish brown....except for Tikka, who is a Gingernut Ranger, and she lays very pale almost pinkish eggs....and she is the only one with pale ear lobes, which is supposed to be an indicator of shell colour.

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