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Answer needed ASAP Please

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We put 3 eggs under our broody chicken ( first timer). One hatched yesterday , one is hatching today and the Third one I dont think its going to hatch. The mother didn't eat yesterday and the chick hasnt had anything at all , since the mother is still waiting for the others to hatch what should we do regarding the first born . will it be allright if he/she doesn't eat for couple of days?

Help please.




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Just caught me in time..... I was off to work :lol:


Don't worry about the little chick - it will have all the stored yolk to live on for at least 24 hours. If the third egg isn't viable, the hen will boot it out of the nest and you can remove it.


Just make sure that the food and water is near to the nest and the hen may well take Chick 1 to feed as soon as she is happy with Chick 2's progress. They will both be fine and the mother hen will do exactly what is needed.


Our latest chicks hatched over 4 days but the chicks of all ages are fine and we've removed the unhatched eggs.


Also, make sure that the drinker isn't too deep - we use a chick drinker and feeder at first. If you are worried about the depth of water, try adding marbles or similar sized pebbles to the water. They can drink from the gaps between marbles but not fall in and drown.


Good Luck :D

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