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Tom and Barbara

Sexing barred plymouth rocks?

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I think the spot means male, but please don't rely on me being right!! If Barred Rocks follow the same rules as Cuckoo Marans, then the males will be significantly lighter than the females. As a total novice, it was apparant to me when they reached 3 weeks - provided you have some of each for the comparison of course! I had seven males to two females - hope you're luckier than that!!

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thanks jools - one is significantly lighter but BOTH have the spot - tis why i'm confused - i thought the same as you that the 'greyer' one was the male but then someone mentioned the spot theory and it completely threw me


i did vent sex the darker one at a day old and didn't see a 'pimple'.....but then my vent sexing has never been legendary :?



they are 3 weeks now, maybe i should do a comparison photo and post it

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From what I've read the pullets have small head spots and wider barring making them appear darker (white with black stripes) and the cockerels, large head spots and narrower barring making them apear lighter (black with white stripes).

Whatever you do, don't hatch Silver-laced Wyandottes - they don't give away any sexing clues whatsoever :roll: .

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