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hen that thinks she's a cockerel driving me crackers

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Ella our big hen is driving me mad. She woke me up at 5.15am this morning with her crowing :roll: bear in mind she is IN the eglu with the door SHUT covered in dark tarpaulin (to keep out the light). I was the front bedroom and she is in the back garden :shock: and I could still hear her!


I really fear the neighbours will complain and im getting very paranoid of the crowing.....so much so that when she isnt crowing I can still hear the crowing in my head :shock::lol::shock::lol:


I got out of bed several times after she woke me thinking she was constantly crowing but she wasnt.....so I was hearing things :oops::oops:


Any suggestions? maybe I'll have to remove her and put her in the garage?


Roll on winter and dark mornings :dance:

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I had a hen that was similar although she only crowed after she had laid an egg. I think you are doing everything possible to keep the noise down. My neighbours always liked to hear her and never complained. Maybe you could treat yourself to some earmuffs :lol: It seems a shame to spoil her fun as she is obviously having such a good time.

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