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Hi Claire and congratulations on deciding to get an eglu!


i would def recommend 3 chickens! That way if something happens to 1 , you still have 2 and won't have to worry about rushing out to get another one quickly (they are social creatures and need company). Also they are very addictive and once you have a couple you WILL want more. It isn't always easy introducing a new chicken.


The eggs keep for 3 weeks out of the fridge and 4 weeks in. You won't have many left as everyone wants them once your girls start laying :D


When they are in 'full production' we get approx 20 eggs per week. Someone will always take your eggs (or buy them :wink:) so i wouldn't worry about having too many!


All the best.

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Hi and welcome.


Definately get 3. If you've got a big garden or getting run converters, I'd get 4. We did. One for each child and one for me. Lost one recently and we are so addicted to chickens after only 4 weeks that we got a replacement yesterday as we couldn't just have 3. Wanted to get more actually but the eglu only holds 4 so we are at the max now.


Eggs last 27 days from date of lay. Mine have been eaten within a few days so not made it that far yet.


3's good for a standard run. Go for it......

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Go for as amny hens as you can - otherwise you'll always want more :lol:


I wouldn't keep eggs in the fridge as that encourages problems with any bacteria which may be on the shell - due to the temperature changes as you open and close the door. Just keep them somewhere cool.


That's why supermarkets don't keep eggs in the fridge.

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