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Miserable Weather - how to cheer up

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I managed to cut the grass this morning before it poured down. It seems to have been so miserable for the rest of the day.


I made some Veinnese Shortbread Biscuits but that didnt improve things.


I just went shopping in the Omlet Shop and bought a T shirt and a Fleece.


That's much better therapy :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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We've made other arrnagements now.... I've ordered a black v neck t shirt with Emma Chief Bridesmaid on it. Manchester won't know what has hit it on Saturday. Looking forward to it as I've got a few bits & bobs for 'dressing' up my darling sister!!!! Bless her, she'll be so embarrased! :oops:



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Maybe I need some shopping. Spent the day knocking water off a tarpaulin covering the chicken pen in terrential rain, and errecting poles to help the water drain off. Ended up shutting chickens in pen as it is just flooded, and they WILL still wander round in the mud. :roll:

I only caught Megan as she stopped to shake off the rain. :lol:

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