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Kathy C

Which one is laying?

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Chandon (a gingernut)has been laying light terracotta eggs for a while. Moet (also a gingernut) has now started to lay, but her eggs are creamy/beige? Are they really Peri's (Miss Pepperpot)?


The literature from Omlet says that Miss pepperpots lay beige eggs and gingernuts lay brown. Is my signature lieing? :oops: Am I thanking the wrong hen? :shock: Will Peri hate me forever? :evil:


Please help!

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Of my 2 gingernuts, Pom lays dark brown eggs sometimes with a sprinkling of white speckles, and Florrie lays pale beige eggs sometimes with brown freckles. I can always tell them apart! Completely different shapes as well! Poms are practically round (can't tell which way is up) while Florries are more elongated. :roll:

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