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Chicken getting a bit over-keen for treats - any suggestions

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Clucker, our Miss PP, is absolutely crazy for sweetcorn. As she may have just come into lay (don't know if it's her or Ginger) with v v soft shells, I've put a ban on them getting any other treats for the last couple of days to see if this helps. They do get to free-range for some of each day so get some variety through this. All they have had is a tiny sprinkling of sweetcorn in their run to tempt them back in at the end of the day - she practically broke the landspeed record to get to it and gobbled it up in two nanoseconds. Ginger is keen for sweetcorn if it appears but is not pestering for it.


Clucker is not at all happy about this and shows it through following hot on our heels wherever we go, practically 'begging' for treats through pecking at shoes, clothes etc. She is now almost getting to the stage of being a little aggressive and I wondered if anyone has any advice about managing this? I don't want her to become a pest, particularly as I have 2 fairly young children (4 and 5). :eh:

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I'm sure there are others who know much more than me, but I have had my girls out in a large run for 2 days now. I have been going up with tiny handfuls of corn, so that they will now run towards me when I go near them. but today I have gone a few times without the corn, to try and avoid what you've described.

on the other hand, ours wont come near us if they can help it!!! so I dont know which is worse.

sorry, not much help am I?!

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Our ex-batts became great peckers a couple of weeks after they arrived - toes, earrings, backs, fingers - but its calmed down a month or so on. They do now seem to know what is and isn't food/treats, although they did have a go at a bandage on my thumb yesterday.

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:) That's the right idea Beach chick!


I am still mobbed every time I appear in the garden. But, they do now turn away when they realise that I'm empty handed. This is because early on I realised that we'd never be able to open the garden door, let alone sit outside if I spoilt them!

So, feeling very mean, I tried visiting them several times a day without treats.

Of course, it is useful to take a treat when you need them to go in the run or come to you. But, mine became wise when I only brought treats to get them to go to bed, and one started hanging back. :roll:


So, now they don't have treats every day, and although it is mostly just at bedtime, I surprise them with random treats too.

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