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AAAAARRRRRGGGGGHHH!!!!! Where is it!!!

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Hurrah, hurrah! Thanks Gina and Sheila.


just been looking at Kates pics of the purple cube. Hmm, its a LOT bigger in real life.


Mines coming to the Bath and West show as the demo model at the end of May, and we get to take it home at the end... not sure how though as its so big...



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I did a layout on the floor with newspaper taped together to make the right size (impressed, huh? :roll: ) but it looks so much more ... solid ... in the photos.


Suggested to OH that we need double gate on the new Poultry Paradise he's building - that went down well (not! :lol: )

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Have fun at the Bath and West Helen! I wanted to help out, but as Penny left they forgot to add me to the list :cry:


I should hopefully be doing next year's show though!


There's also a breeder in Chilthorne Domer Helen. That's where I got my hens from and I can PM you the details if you'd like. Have fun with your cube!

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