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Help needed for coffee cake topping!

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Hi everyone! I've got a coffee cake in the oven at the moment, which I have made i a circular, very wide new tin. I had to double up on my usual recipe - so it has been 350g of everything and 6 eggs! :shock:

Hope it works, as I normally use 2 separate sandwich tins. Anyway, it's that wide, that I don't think I'm going to be able to slice it in half. So I was wondering what to put on the top of it. A nice coffee cream frosting / icing sounds good, but do I just do half half icing sugar & butter? I can't remember. I can then put walnut halves on the top like a real pro!!!!


Please help soon as it is due out of the oven in about 10 minutes!!!


Thanks, Emma.x

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Thanks everyone - I have done double quantity & it looks fine! The cake really is a whopper! I prefer chocolate cake myself with fudgy icing or even a sacher torte. But hubby adores coffee cake and is gloating at the very thought of how much he can have for himself! :roll:


coffee cake courtesy of 5 Blanche eggs & 1 Audrey egg ( Audrey is in my avatar).



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