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ok, i'm getting a kind og Eco warrior thing going on here,

my (ok, couperman - OUR!!!! :D ) purple cube is on order :D


I'm rejecting plastic carrier bags everywhere - my local newsagents keeps looking to see what sort of jute bag im coming in with next (cant wait to see the reaction to the BHWT bag :lol: )


I buy my veg from a local farm (box delivery every Thursday at 7:30 :D ) and my new knitting magazine had this website advertised.




it give you personal aims to help you to help the evironment and the world. things like not using carrier bags and changing all of your lightbulbs for energy saving lightbulbs.

you get a warm, fuzzy feeling when you realise that you are helping to save the planet :lol:


have a look :D

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We signed up to this last year after we bought the "Change the world for a fiver" book. I would recommend this book highly, and th=e office version for you workers. Bought OH a stapleless stapler from the online shop for Christmas, he thought it was the cleverest thing ever :lol:

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can you only buy the book online? :? or can you buy it in smiths or waterstones?


I like this eco warrior thingy, couperman said that he was going to get chickens even if I didnt want them (like that would ever happen :roll: )


You can get it on www.amazon.co.uk and Change the World for £3.75! My friend is closely involved with the organisation and they don't lose out by the reduced price!


I think it's such a great book and ideal for little presents!

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