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Dear All


I have had my 2 chucks since the end of May. 2 weeks ago Peppers laid an egg, next day 2 with just membranes, day 4 one egg, day 6 one egg. Since then nothing. She does have a bit of a mucky bum and runny poo but a chuckie friend said not to panic and just watch how it goes, they look very healthy and run around with no problem. Gingers is yet to lay which I would have thought she would have done by now. Could they be overeating? many thanks.

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They are still very young....I am assuming you got them at the end of April and not May :lol: .


Laying is a bit sporadic until they get the hang of it, so I wouldn't worry just yet.


Perhaps if you keep them in the Eglu until middayish, so that they eat up the layers pellets first, and allow them to free range later, that might help.

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