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I want more chooks!!

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I have totally got the chook bug!! ... lol ,,, we have two chooks at the mo, im not sure whther our eglu is big enough for one or two more ....

at the mo the girls spend most of their time free ranging,

how do i know whether we have a mk1 or mk2 eglu? plus would we need a run extension, for two more chooks, as we do not have the room for a longer run..... any advice pweeseee :lol:

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personly i think you should just go for it as a spare of the moment thing. but you should make sure you have the wright facilities mabe you could ask a kind family member to look after some as you said your garden isnt big enough (bribeing with eggs usally helps)

think of it this way your chuffed with 2 chickens so you will be double chuffed with 4 plus you get more eggs!

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These are Mark 1 Eglus




and this is a Mark 2




The doors are the most obvious give away...Mark 2 doors are bigger.


Also the Eglu itself is bigger overall.


Yes I think you probably would need an extension. The actual Eglu is big enough for 2-3 full sized hens if a Mark 1 and 3-4 if a Mark 2 for sleeping purposes but they need more room in the day.


Sounds to me like you need a Cube!! :lol:

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Get more chooks

Its the law :wink:

I think that you will find one eglu will comfortably fit ten chooks :roll: - but it is the run that is the important bit. We currently (see I use the word currently :wink: ) have three eglues and nine chooks - but they have a large pen to roam around in when we are not about and then a large part of our garden to free range in when we are at home

And dont worry about persuading husbands. They have no rights. Just get the chooks and then say "these old things? I've had them for ages...."



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Get another 2 chooks for your Mark II eglu. But I think you will need more than the standard run supplied with the eglu. I have 4 chooks in my Mark II eglu plus a run converter. Mine free range a lot but if I have to go out (or if you go on holiday) they have the extra run space.


Mine only came on 12 April so I'm new to this too. I'm so glad Omlet provided the complete service in the 1st place with chickens too because I would never have know what to look for in a chicken. But when it came to getting another chook when 1 died, I had the confidence to go and choose another one from an agent as I feel just those few weeks of chicken ownership gave me the edge to know what I was looking for. It was fun choosing.

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