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i just went to my local farm in search of some chickens to adopt in a few weeks but when i asked the man said it is ileagle to sell chickens throughout the country as there has been a suddan breakout of bird flu and it would be months before the chickens where aloud to be sold.

we were hoping to get some in a month or two but now it looks like we will have to wait till september does anyone else have the same problem?

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Hi xChicken04x, There is no problem with bird flu at the moment unless you live within 1km of the farm in Wales that has had it. :cry:


Things may change if the situation gets worse but you should be able to get some gorgeous new chooks from local breeders. There is a list of breeders here somewhere or email barbara@omlet.co.uk and she will put you in touch with someone close to you. :D

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Hiya thanks for the help! thats strange that the farmer wouldnt sell us any chickens because we live on the wirral (nowear near whales) we are going to get on the phone to our local poultry dealers tommorow thanks very much for the help everyone!

p.s has anyone else on the wirral had any probles with this?

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