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Free Trees!

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Yeo Valley organic are offering you the chance to get up to 2 free trees or make a donation to5 the Woodland Trust.


Collect tokens from selectedpacks of their organic milk or natural yogurt. You need 5 tokens for one tree and 8 tokens for 2 trees. Or the donation is 2.50 for 5 tokens or 5.00 for 8.


Trees are Hazel, Silver Birch, Rowan, Hawthorn, Wild Cherry. You can also choose to have them delivered in 28 days or in September which is the best time to plant trees.


They are delivered in a 60cm tube to protect them in their first 2 years of growth.


I got 1 token from a 500g pot of natural yogurt.

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Or switch to their organic milk for a coupla weeks. That's what I'm going to do, I only bought a tub of natural yogurt to use as a starter for my own yogurt and a quicky for the ice cream maker. Now I have a huge tub of home made yogurt I won't need to buy any for about a month as can start new yogurt of the last batch for a few weeks.


So we are now on organic milk - bit of a waste as we are shoving it in tea for builders but I want my trees!

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Come on Richard - if you're going to quote, at least let's have the full quote :lol:



Free trees.


Free them from what? :lol:


....people like you Richard :roll:


I don't think I need to add any more do I? :lol::lol:


Now go and eat some yoghurt and collect the tokens 8)

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