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4 weeks a story of a newbie! GET CHICKENS!!

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Hello all,


Thought I would put a paragraph or two together that may help new people (although still a newbie myself really)


Got my 4 choocks about a month ago now, and its been busy.


Firstly got really distressed about the feather pecking and s"Ooops, word censored!"ping! Thanks to all those who gave advice when I was going through my neurotic phase of posting every 2 minutes with another question, it has been extremely helpful, mainly calming me down! And everyone really doesnt seem to mind answering all the questions.


Fitting a Bumper Bit is not that easy and word of warning dont try to inspect your work too closely as I had a beak clamped on my eye lash for a short while!! when I realised it wasnt on properly!


Then things settle down when you realise that Chickens are hardier than humans and can take a few blows from each other without holding grudges ( wish I was that hard on the Rugby field)


Realised too that best keep them off your back step as Nearly put my back out slipping on a little present they had left me.


Now it is fun and really relaxing, you keep on top of things food and general hygene etc. and the reward is entertainment and tasty eggs.


Get Chickens!!!! Its the most rewarding thing I have done for a while and you will really agree.

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weldone! you just totaly convinced me, we were thinking of getting some but we held back a bit because we were a bit worried about it but now i realise they're just like every other animal and i look after my cats prety well so i might as well rescue a few from a sanctury!

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you won't regret it - they are such fun, AND they lay eggs too! I had never even held a chicken before February; I'm by no means an expert now, but there is lots of advice on here. If you can look after cats, then you can look after chickens just as well.

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Love your message Mahu 8) I have worked out not to wear bright green metallic eyeliner when in close proximity to a chicken....Doris nearly had my eye out! :shock:


Luckily the eyeliner also hid the beak-shaped bruise!


It only happened the once, mind you :D

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:lol: I am safe with the eyeliner and nailvarnish thing! being a bloke and all that but will warn my wife...


had a wierd experiance last night...all the chickens had lined up by the french doors and where tapping away at the glass..freaked me out for a while as my cat was cowering behind the sofa, the big woos!

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