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A big thanks!

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Hi Lorna


I've got 3 chickens which i collected last thursday. Poppy who's a speckledy, Jemima who's red(not sure what she is!) and Bluebelle who strangely enough is a bluebelle! They are living very happily, i hope, in a green eglu! I'm thrilled to bits with them Have always wanted chickens but for some reason never realised I could just keep 3 in the garden! OH seems quite interested in them too but did tell me tonight that he couldn't 'talk chicken' all day!



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Love the names :D My OH has become a chicken convert from "I can't belive she has gone and got chickens" to "we've got chickens", "my girls", " my eggs" :shock: It didn't take long!!!!


I always wanted chickens, ever since I was about 5 and used to sit on top of my parents coal bunker feeding the neighbours chickens worms over our garden wall :D:D

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