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Procrastinating!!!! - me?

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you know when you have a million things that you need to do :shock: , but you always end up being able to put them off a do really important things instead :? well, todays most important things are watching series one of Bones.. :D my favourite episode - the Christmas one :D and playing Ratchet and Clank on the Playstation


Important jobs that should be done:

1. clothes washing

2. laundry

3. the bomb site also known as the kitchen (yes I know, there are only 2 of us...)

4. marking GCSE coursework


well, ive got some more days before I need to go back to school.... loads of time :lol:

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whats the weather like in sheffield?


Bloomin' awful.


Cold grey and non stop drizzle.


Him Indoors has just come in and put the heating on...in May!!!....during the hours of daylight!!! :shock:


I'm not totally convinced at the mo about this alleged global warming!!!!

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I think that global warming is just another excuse, and something to make us feel guilty about. :shock:

I like the idea of reducing rubbish and recycling, but I dont think that global warming is as the media are trying to portray



what did they blame the summer of '76 on?


and 2 years ago the summer was lousy.......

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