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The Pearsons

The Hume Hussies

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We collected the hussies last night - lifted from my friend's hen house when they were asleep and they woke up in their new quarters this morning :)


I went to let them into the run before I left for work at around 7 but they are definately not morning birds. To start with they both swore at me and retreated into the nest area :D It took the first one 20 minutes to decide she was actually going to come down but the other was even slower.


I'm looking forward to seeing them tonight....


No, I don't know what type they are or how old they are!




I have pictures (very poor) on my website:




Names? Toast and Chips (as in egg on toast and egg 'n' chips)


Helen in Hume, Scottish Borders.

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I just asked my friend what type they were. Here is her reply:


'feathery with a leg in each corner, and hopefully nice with stuffing'





I thought they looked a bit like speckled stars. (They are pretty much identical twins). I do know they are prolific layers.

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Even better when I got home (at 4.30) they had decided they had done plenty for the day and were in bed! No interest at all in the treats I took out for them although they've made inroads into the pellets.


They had also left me 2 small but beautiful eggs.


The lady from next door said she had been in her garden all day and every time she came to put stuff on our compost heap she said "chook chook chook" to them and they talked back to her!


Helen in Hume

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