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chickens and rabbits

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does anybody have a chicken and rabbit eglu near together :? . i have my rablu being delivered on monday :D:D and i have just been deciding on a good place for it. i am also going to be getting an eglu for chickens, can they go near each other :? . my garden although quite big is really sunny 8) there is a really nice place under a tree that is in the shade alot of the time, ideally i would like them to go there. i have never had bunnies and chickens at the same time. will they get along do you think?

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I had a lone rabbit who was very sad after his partner died living with my hens. It certainly cheered him up and in fact he got so amorous that I ended up having to have him castrated as he was 'at it' with them every waking moment. They certainly got on ok :lol::lol::lol:

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