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does anyone have bantams????????

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Um, Bantams can be good with children, if you get them used to children I believe and can be good pets (Silkies are supposed to be brilliant with children and as pets). But they aren't supposed to be kept with full sized chickens i believe (only had mine a couple of days). It all depends on the Bantams character i suppose!

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have 3 bantams and they are lovely to have around children. Check out my gallery and you will see my 6 yr old handling them with ease.


I have also heard that they shouldn't be mixed with larger birds but I have also heard of some people managing it successfully.


MH x

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I just gave my three bantams away because they were too scared of my 2 yr old. they are beautiful birds but go broody and wont lay and she missed looking in eglu for eggs. feathers was lovely but turned when she went broody. im getting three big chickens as my neighbours have some and they are miles freindlier. As with everything i doubt its the same everytime but i wouldn't recommend them with kiddies.


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