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Moved the Eglu

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Goodness it was heavy! I dragged it by the end of the run, like I saw a picture of on the site. At the end I needed to turn it so I took out the egg port door and pulled the Eglu instead. Wish I'd done that in the first place - it was much easier to move!


Its now in its permanant spot although can be moved within that, I will be putting down Aubiose when I get some but for now they can scratch up the grass. I will also turn the whole thing round before winter so I can open the egg port without climbing over but for now we can see more from the house with it that way round. Also there was a big bowl shaped dip near the end of the run so I filled it with compost to see if they fancy a dustbath.


One day I'll pen that whole little area in and take off the run. Mind you they will all be free ranging by then, thats just to make Mum feel happier when they are "caged".


Heres the piccie



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