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Alcatraz by August

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Cleverness works both ways... I knew I was probably asking for trouble buying low netting for their perimeter and last evening, having free ranged for 3 days quite happily, Lily hopped up on the top of the fence as if she had been doing it all her life (yes, her wing is clipped). Luckily I was there and put her back, so she did it again. So now they are in their run until I can make higher arrangements. :oops:


It's not the end of the world if they get onto the beds and lawn, but I don't want to raise their expectations only to lower them again by sending them back to the run and, judging by what they have enjoyed eating in the run (limited shrub supply), they'd make mincemeat of my herbaceous borders. I am thinking arrangements might be a little different in winter when a lot of the precious stuff is dormant below ground.


However, they are all forgiven because this morning they pushed the pop door open on their own for the 2nd day running! :clap: I've left it about 1 inch open for the last 2 nights and it's done the trick, so they are getting 3/4 of an inch open tonight and so on. They'll be cracking safes next. Now all I have to do is convince myself not to jump out of bed and put the Grub back in the run the second I hear them and that they won't starve for a little while if I don't. hmmmm.

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Oh gosh...what hight is your netting? I have got the 4ft omlet netting and have clipped the wings of my 3 as they were looking very keen to get over the top..

Panic not! I only had about 2.5 feet high fencing, which apparently does work on some hens, just not on mine.


However, last evening, I added more mesh all across to a height of 1.3 metres and Lily still got out. So, if you are worried, the main thing to think about is have they got something to launch themselves off? Because Lily just hopped on the top of their run, stared at the fence for a few minutes, getting its measure, the little 8) minx, and then flew 4 feet forward and about ?2 feet upwards at the same time to get herself over the higher net and down onto the lawn and plunge me into a gloom! :x She's clever, I'll give her that :)


The other thing is that their run is bark, earth and minimal green shrubs, but they are staring out at a lush green garden and lawn, so can I really blame her? no.


Hope that helps. Good luck.


***Landgirl goes back to drawing board***

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Phew! I think I may be ok then ..the Eglu is well away from any netting but I have seen Tallulah trying to use the run top as a runway to pick up speed to take off! [That's before I clipped their wings mind...haven't seen her doing it since]

Thses chickens are really intelligent aren't they. ? Hope you can keep yours under control now. [ I just worry about mine getting out and then getting onto the road..]t

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