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Mrs Frugal

Rabbit Eglus that people can visit

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We already have a very long list of chicken Eglus that you can visit but I thought we ought to start a rabbit one too as Elmerfud is on the chicken list but is actually a rabbit Eglu owner so you can kick off the new list for me, Elmerfud - thanks!!


Anyone wanting to join the list of volunteers, please let us know by posting on this topic or contact barbara@omlet.co.uk.






Elmerfud - Fort William







Emma (rabbit Eglu) - The Wirral - Barbara has contact details




Claret (Banbury), pink Rablu with two mini lop bunnies




Pinkfairy - Epsom




Jo - Brough, East Yorkshire




Martin B - Alcester

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Thanks Martin :D .


We're desperately short of Rabbit and Guinea Pig Eglus that people can visit to see how they work etc so if anyone would like to go on the list, please let me know as it's so helpful for anyone thinking about buying an Eglu to actually see one before making up their minds :D .

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