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I was helping out at the CLA gamefair over the weekend.

I was helping out in the gundog area on the Pick Up which was part of the scurry.I was horrified at some of the peoples attitude towards winning, Making their dog do the excerise time and time again to try and beat the best score to win.

It was a hot weekend the dogs where just exhausted. We insised that they made the dog rest before trying again (which they didn't like).

Some people :evil::evil:

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I did the same,

I booked the labs in very early Sunday morning for a go on the pick up and scurry and things involving water

then put them back in the trailer with there fan on and cooler coats. I was so shocked to see so many puppies being

made to walk around in the heat all day :cry: .

I was so worried about my lot i forgot to look after myself and ended up with heat stroke.

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