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Laura & CTB

Decking cleaner?

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I have been getting excited reading all of the wonderful green cleaning ideas on this forum and am off to buy ingredients to make my own.


I'm trying to come up with a greener way of cleaning my decking after the chooks have been out playing on it :roll: at the moment I'm using Jeyes fluid which is very good at cleaning and neutralising the smell (especially in the hot weather) :roll: but it's a nasty substance and smells quite strongly anyway - not a particularly pleasant smell.


I did try ecover with a few drops of essential oils but was aware this is not really disinfecting at all - does anyone have any other ideas please?

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Don't let your cat walk on this when its wet Laura it is very poisonous to them depending on sensitivity just walking across it could kill a cat :cry:


Phenolics should never be used around cats :shock: That is anything that turns the water white so dettol, TCP etc as well :?

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It's okay Louise- as mentioned in another post - the cat stays shut indoors until the decking's been hosed down.


It's quite scary though - CTB didnt know that Jeyes, Dettol, TCP etc were poisonous to cats until I told him, I wonder how many people with cats do not know this?

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I have found Ecover Floor Cleaner to be amazingly effective.


[i have spent many a while washing down my white painted doors and realising sadly that they needed painting. One day this year I used Ecover Floor Cleaner, because I had nothing else, and was amazed at how clean the doors looked - a newly painted effect :D ]


I don't know if it would work for you but it might be worth a try?

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