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Mrs Nesbitt

They're here....!

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Have been and got our girlies: 1 speckled sussex, 1 french wheaten maran and 1 crested cream legbar, and they are gorgeous! :D


All youngsters (10 weeks) so we can do lots of handling and let them get to know us as they grow up! They really are sooooo sweet. They had week old chicks where I got them from and my 6 year old was in her element holding them!


No names yet - thought it best to wait and see what characters emerge!? :?


I just put them all into the Eglu and shut up for the night so that they could get settled in (despite constant pleas from the children 'shall we just have a look and make sure they're OK?')


Can't wait 'til the morning!! :lol:

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Thanks for the replies.


Chickens are fab!!! :lol:


They're settling in well. We have names for two of them: Lulabelle is the speckled sussex (named by my 6 year old) and Mrs Nesbitt (hence my user name - always wanted a chicken called Mrs Nesbitt!) for the cream legbar, but can't think of one yet for the french wheaten marran (she's quite quiet and timid.....)


I've rushed out every morning to let them out and then had to tear myself away to go to work, but am off now for the rest of the week yeee haaa :lol:


Will post piccies as soon as I can....




PS wow was it difficult choosing just three.......!!??

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