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So...we've had our 2 hens for two and a half weeks now and after the initial couple of days things have been going well.


For the first week or so we didn't really handle the chickens although we spent a lot of time with them - especially when they were let out of the run. Chocolate (Miss Pepperpot) was the larger of the two and was the friendliest at first, taking layers pellets & mixed corn out of our hands within a few days whilst Gingernut (my kids were not particularly imaginative with the names) took a bit longer.


We have picked them up a few times now and suddenly Chocolate won't come near anyone and has taken to running into the Eglu run if anyone approaches her whilst she is free-ranging. I'm wondering if we're doing something wrong whilst holding her or whether or not it's just something that she (and us) need to get used to?


I don't know whether or not we should carry on trying to pick her up or try to gain her trust again first. Any suggestions?


Also, we've tried all manner of treats - grapes, tinned sweetcorn, raw corn on the cob, cooked corn on the cob, strawberries, vegetable peelings and they turn their beaks up at it all. I read that chickens are meant to eat just about anything but I seem to have two very fussy eaters. :?

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I'm new at this too and my three have been turning their beaks up at all the treats I've offered them.


One is more friendly than the others for picking up, another is reluctant but enjoys it once you have picked her up. The third isn't having any of it!


Mind you when I'm in the garden, whenever I turn around they are underfoot!

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It's just weird how she's gone from being the brave one to being the timid one almost overnight. Still, with her diving into the run as soon as she thinks someone is coming near her it does make getting them locked away at night a little easier.

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My Pepperpots are all a bit more difficult to catch than the Gingernuts


Thats interesting - mine is as well. She'll squat down as she's supposed to but then try to run off sideways, still squatting down, giving us the 'evil eye' !!


If she tries this , I ALWAYS try to pick her up to try to teach her who's boss ! (not sure I'm winning though)


Ifound waiting until they're quite tired running round the garden helped - they almost fall asleep in my arms then.



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