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How do I stop...

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My banties making me feel guilty when they look at me!!?


I keep 2 banties in a long terrace garden, they have the WHOLE garden (and greenhouse!) to free range at their leisure, all day, every day. Next door neighbours are repairing/changing their fence, and thus our garden is now open.


Speck escaped and ended up 3 doors down the road yesterday somehow (Had a VERY unamused neighbour banging on the door - " is this YOUR black and white hen in my garden?!") so the eglu run has been attached and they are now shut in the run until the fence is fixed.


Every time I walk up the garden, they hunch themselves down and stare at me, then the door to the run, then me etc etc and make me feel enormously guilty that they are stuck in.


WHY do they do it!!?I feel like a bad chicken mother!

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Don't worry......................they will be fine in the run. :D:D

You are not a bad chickie mum. Better that they are in the run rather than lost in a strange garden.


Chooks are great at the ' i'm a poor hard done by chook' act. I'm sure they all learn it when they are but wee chickies :wink::wink:

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they are SUCH drama queens! When I walk up the garden my two fling themselves at the bars like caged lions. If I stand still for long enough, they forget I'm there (chickens do have quite tiny brains, don't they) and revert to pecking around, chatting, drinking, eating etc. - as soon as I move around, the 'please release me' act starts up again!


Take no notice. They will be fine in the run!

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Exactly Olly - mine do the same. They have a large run for the days I'm working and I shouldn't feel guilty, but if they see me in the utility room, or worse, go out to hang a washing before work and walk past them, the screeching and pacing is unbelievable :shock: . They have fresh water, full feeders and a treat every day (not to mention clean roosting bars and fresh straw in the nest), and out in the garden all day, 4 or 5 days out of 7 - and they still make me feel guilty :wink: .

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