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Train Ducks

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Hi Folks


Our ducks are 8 weeks old and look like adults now.


When we put food in the palm of our hands they come and take the food and it is pleasant as they are so close to you.


However when you go up to them and start talking all they want to do is run away, is there any way we can train them to not bother with us when we are close to them. I am would love to walk close and for them not to bother with us, rather than run away every time.


Or is that just the way it is? :D:D:D:D

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you can guide ducks better than hens if you are still having a problem. Left hand out (as if you were directing traffic) and they'll go right and visa versa.


works up to a point with Jemima... but then the dogs come to help and it all goes wrong!!

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