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Tom and Barbara

My 'teenagers' have gone to a new home!

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Well the couple turned up last night to buy the 'teenage' chicks from our recent hatching spree - and started off by telling us how their chicken run was the same size as our entire garden :shock: He then went on to offer to buy our entire flock!


I did agree to him taking the teenagers I'd advertised and the white silkie girls I'd wanted to keep :cry: I decided it would be nice as they'd grown up together, to stay together, especially as it sounds like they're going to have so much room to play in - their set up sounds amazing. He's also asked to take all of the chicks that hatch from the 12 polish we have under broody at the moment AND wants us to get him some brahmas like ours.


Don't you just hate it when people have far too much money :wink: not that I'm jealous or anything! He did look incredibly familiar actually.......I wonder if he's on TV or something.

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Its hard when the big chicks go Claire, you still get attached to them even though you know the ones you're not keeping. One of my Cream Legbar boys was so friendly and would come up and pull at my trousers and stand at my feet all the time - thankfully he's away to a family where he can wander the hills as part of small flock, and isn't for the pot. My beautiful Welsummer boy is going next week too (must post a pic of him before he goes).


(great blog by the way, love the nursery :D )

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ooo yes, i'd love to see a pic of your Welsummer boy before he goes, don't forget to post it


i'm just happy they've gone to a huge new home but i had started to get really quite attached - it was harder than i expected to give them up. I've just had another call about them actually so I must go take the ad down!

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