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It is raining on my grass seed :D:D:D


I nearly killed myself onTuesday, scattering grass seed all over one of the large chicken runs which was completely bald - and I mean roots as well :?


We have also levelled part of the area we laughingly call 'the Lawn' - I sowed grass seed before and had to keep watering it, but it never took well and was very patchy. I scattered more grass seed there as well.


I was so hot and bothered by the time I'd finished :roll:


.... but now it has been raining since yesterday afternoon - one less job to do 8) ....and, for once, the forecasts were right! 8)

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Hope you get a lush green lawn Lesley! We had to go out and buy a lawnmower for the garden here, as the chickens kept the grass under control in the old house!

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