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We are hoping to get our first chickens at the weekend. Thanks to several people on here we have a choice of breed - Rhode Island Red, Maran, Bluebelle, Speckeldie - which is best?


We want to get two and we want something that lays good eggs and is quite docile and friendly as we have two young children and two cats!


Thank you very much for all your advice.

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I have 2 Bluebelles and a Speckledy and a Blackrock.


The Bluebelles are both really sweet and friendly but one is cheekier than the other.


The Speckledy is quite frankly "nice but dim" and the Blackrock is feisty and quite vociferous.


If I were you I would go along and see what takes your fancy as I am sure that chickens, like children all have different personalities anyway.


Do let us know how you go on :D

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Here's my Bluebelle. She is still very young, and doesn't lay eggs yet. What I like about Bluebelles is that they are hybrids, so that they lay a lot of eggs; but they are a bit different too: a lovely blue-grey colour. (I am not sure, however, about their crocodile legs. Do all Bluebelles have them?)


Bluebelles are not too big, pretty, and very gentle.


Edit: My phrase "crocodile" legs may be puzzling you: I mean the patterning: a bit like snakeskin might describe them better. It took ages to get her in that classic chicken pose, looking elegantly backwards. I have only just noticed how pink her face is: there will be eggs soon!



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Go with the colour of the hens you like. variety is nice. We have a very friendly Black Rock, a sweet Brown Nick and a fiesty white legbar hybrid. They all have different personalities and I'm not sure you can tell until you get them home.

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We have just gone through the same exercise a week ago. We have 2 super Gingernut Rangers. Very calm, within 2 days they would eat from my hand and just a week later I can pick them up without any distress to them.

After 3 days we got a Black Rock and a Snow White from a local breeder because Omlet had run out of Miss Pepperpots. They are taking a while to integrate but the Black Rock is getting more trusting, the Snow White reminds me of The Roadrunner. She dives and dashes everywhere. I don't think she will be an easy bird to handle but is claimed to be a very prolific layer.

As AJuff said - go with what takes your fancy, but ask the breeder which variety will be docile - much better for children to cope with.

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